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Lately there is a rising fear of whether it is legal or not having a webcam business, you should just keep in mind that as long as it DOESN’T INVOLVE THE PARTICIPATION OF MINORS is a labor and business activity that can be performed without any restriction . Those engaged in the business of webcams models are people who are linked to adult entertainment, an activity that is closely related to freedom of expression which is recognized as a fundamental right; and therefore even if conservative people doesn’t like, is a type of business that can be carried out without any problems.

The first requirement is to be over 18 years old; all other requirements can be found in our web page

You can work from our studio or from home, lots of places where you feel comfortable. From your bedroom or a fixed space like a broadcasting room. We will help you on how to manage the lights, type of cameras, internet speed to achieve a great broadcast.

Basically, nothing illegal. This is a legal business and we take it very seriously when it comes to legal compliance. If your application is accepted, you will be given a username and password to login and you can find details of the rules and regulations there.

To be honest no. generally clients don’t like to talk to someone who is afraid of showing their face, even more so when other models don’t hide. If you are too afraid to be known in the webcam business, this is probably not the right business for you.

That’s up to the client, but is normal and it is considered part of the job, we encourage models to tell clients what they are willing to do or not to avoid misunderstandings with the clients.

English is something very important in the webcam world, since most of our clients are in English speaking countries but don’t worry you´ll be able to translator or with the help of a monitor who will be the one in charge of making the communication flow in case you are part of an agency.

Now days we typically handle two types of pages or rather webcam methodologies worldwide, now we will give a brief explanation. The first pages are the PRIVATE pages, this consists basically of a public chat in which the model should not make any kind of erotic show (using toys, masturbation or fetishes) only seduce the client without showing their private parts so the client takes her to a private show where he is the only one viewing and he pays per minute. This type of page is for less extroverted people but still enjoy conversations with customers, as those who go to these pages seek companionship and a pleasant but private and sensual time So if you are sensual, erotic and like to have conversation with clients, a little shy in public but willing to meet all kinds of fantasy in private this page is for you. The second type of page we are working for are TOKEN pages, in these, although there is often the possibility of a private, very little used and handled mostly in a public chat. In this chat model you are allowed to do all kinds of show, masturbate, use toys, fetishes, erotic games and more. The point is that the model suggests an activity and puts a stop to fulfill tokens, customers give tips and once you reach the target model does. These types of chats are for people with a lot of personality, extroverted, lively, keep customers happy and in their rooms, motivating them to tip, seducing and giving several options for them to comply simultaneously according to what everyone wants.

Despite popular belief, webcam model from home does not make more money than a model of a study, it should be clarified that can not be further from the truth. Why? Very few models from home that are successful, we can basically say that 1 in 10 models succeeds, if you are one of those models that are contemplating the possibilities, surely this may interest you. Let’s start by enumerating the countless benefits it brings work from a studio, not only we have a room in optimal conditions, with computer, perfect internet and HD camera to work, but also have a human personnel who are behind this ensuring that things are perfect. In a studio you have personalized advice during shifts, training and schedules that allow the models to meet a mandatory exact number of hours, being this, the perfect combination for success.

The first thing is the lack of knowledge and lack of interest, despite being one of the largest professional broadcaster in Latin America and Colombia and provide all our models personalized advice and 24 hour service, few models really take the trouble to read, investigate and try to learn on their own, which is in many cases, the simple handling of the pages. Upon entering the video chat and be online broadcasting has been found that only achieved the attention of customers after the first 2 hours, although if you have a stunning insurance personality is less, and to carry private place is delayed up to 4 hours, this is where the study models succeed, they must have at least 4 hours straight shifts. At the beginning it can be difficult to get noticed among customers, generating fame on the site and have a clientele who enjoy talking to you, but if you’re patient and do not give up at the first hurdle you can achieve, success Private, tips, and other tokens may reach its peak just after the first 4 hours, so if you did not have an income in the first time do not be discouraged if it were that easy we would all be webcam models.

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